Plant Labs

A  incomplete listing of active academic labs with a focus on all things plants, native and non-native, their biology, ecology, community dynamics, restoration applications, etc., as well as labs focusing on fire, soils, and restoration ecology.  It’s all connected.

Alan Knapp’s Lab – Colorado State University

Norma Fowler’s Lab – University of Texas at Austin

Northern Plant Ecology Lab – University of Saskatchewan

Schweitzer Lab – University of Tennessee

Harrison Lab – University of California, Davis

Suding Lab – University of Colorado, Boulder

Jones Lab – Oregon State University

The Callaway Lab – University of Montana

The Collins Lab – University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

Links to Ecology, Evolutionary, Plants, and Fungal Biology labs – University of New Mexico

Grassland Ecology Lab – University of Nebraska, Omaha


2 thoughts on “Plant Labs”

  1. I would love to see a plant lab in Arizona! Mesa Community College or even Yavapai College would b a great location 🙂

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