Brendan McDonough, Granite Mountain Hotshots lone survivor

Interview with Brendan McDonough, Granite Mountain Hotshots survivor.

The above link will take you to Wildfire Today.

Linked within are two videos of Brendan McDonough speaking about the fatal day on the Yarnell Hill Fire, as well as his views on life and firefighting and how the two have shaped him into who he is.

An investigative report of the fatalities and the (hopefully) lessons learned is expected sometime in mid-September.  Currently investigators believe the fire, after it shifted 180 degrees and blew up, attained speeds of 22 feet per second, or 15 miles per hour.

Are the wildland fire fatalities of The Big Burn, Mann Gulch, South Canyon, Dude Fire, Griffith Park, Inaja, Rattlesnake, Blackwater, Hauser Creek, and others, not enough for people to wake up and pay attention?  Or have we let our tremendous disconnect from the natural world make us forget what we really know: Mother Nature always has the upper hand when it comes to wildfire, and sometimes we just have to stand aside and let things burn.

“Unless we are willing to escape into sentimentality or fantasy, often the best we can do with catastrophes, even our own, is to find out exactly what happened and restore some of the missing parts.”  ― Norman Maclean, Young Men and Fire

Author: J. Crumpler

Grasslands ecologist. Native seedsman.

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