An example of how mowing can degrade former prairies

In a previous post, I talked about how mowing and its conjoined evil twin, the European-influenced lawn, destroys biological diversity and makes no logical or economical sense.  This post will show how such an outdated mindset can cause permanent damage to prairies. Continue reading “An example of how mowing can degrade former prairies”

The unbearable ubiquitousness of mowing

Mowing (noun) – that droning sound that disturbs what little peace and quiet is left in this fragmented world.

Without a doubt, mowing, next to indiscriminate pesticide use, is one of the most over-used land management practices.  And much of it is done without any thought at all as to the changes it instantly imparts on plant communities.  Just the other day, I saw a crew push-mowing a 1 acre field of 3ft tall native grass down to the nub.  I bet whoever owns that lot, was complaining a year ago that there was no grass. Continue reading “The unbearable ubiquitousness of mowing”