New for Texas – Native Seed Selection Tool

Finally, a much-needed seed recommendation selection tool has been published by the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute (CKWRI) at Texas A&M University-Kingsville (TAMUK).

This seed selection tool represents more than 20 years of native plant and native seed research from the statewide collaborative effort, the Texas Native Seeds Project (TNS). TNS has shifted the plant materials development model away from cultivars to a germplasm. For many reasons, creating a germplasm release is efficient, economical, and shows greater utility than cultivars, which can take up to a decade or longer to place on the market.

TNS is the only statewide, non-federal native plant materials research program in Texas that has the support of landowners, the commercial seed trade, and various state land management agencies, including Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The recommendations in the native seed selection tool represent the best seed currently commercially available to consumers in the state. Additionally, new germaplasm releases have replaced some of the older cultivar varieties on the recommendations for each country, representing a vast improvement in seed to site placement compared to past recommendations.

Zoom to your respective county, click, wait for the pop-up, and from there you will select either sandy or clay soil as appropriate for the ecological region in which your site is located.

Texas Native Seeds – Native Seed Selection Tool